Open Water complete with crew pak

Start your underwater adventures by becoming certified as an Open Water Diver. This certification allows you to dive, rent equipment, and purchase air refills anywhere in the world. Classes typically meet for approximately three hours once per week. There are also accelerated and weekend courses available for those who have trouble getting away on a regular basis. Custom schedules can also be arranged. Each class starts with about an hour of formal classroom instruction where you view a video pertaining to a particular aspect of SCUBA. The instuctor then explains the topic in further detail followed by a short quiz.

Then the fun begins. The second half takes place in a swimming pool where you get to practice what you learned in the classroom in a real water environment. At the end of the pool exercises the class is allowed free time to explore the underwater environment at their leisure.

Then you complete your training at a local lake or quarry where you practice what you learned in the classroom and pool in a real dive situation.

The PADI Open Water Diver certification is good for life. It never needs to be renewed - although a refresher course is recommended if one doesn't dive regularly. (See next section)

This class is offered several times throughout the year.